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"WOTA: Seehund Type XXVIIb" will be the first release of the "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic" series.

It's about midget submarines only, so you can think about it as a kind of reduced version of the final WOTA subsim - to increase development speed it will offer less types of enemy ships and because it's about midgets it will use a portion of the map limited to the historical area of operations and range of the Seehund.

Now to answer the most important question: WHEN?

The plan is to submit it to Apple in late december 2012 / early january 2013. Which means you possibly won't see that many types of ships in the initial release of the midget subsim.

Please spread the word about "WOTA: Seehund Type XXVIIb", I urgently need some success with it to fund the full version of WOTA.

You could also help the development of WOTA by buying some of my little Apps or by telling others about them!

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(Video shows the current water running on the iPhone 3GS)

Berlin, 21. September 2012.

it's time for WOTA News again!

To speed up things and to give you something to play with more quickly I've decided set development
WotP on hold ("Wildcats Over the Pacific", a WW2 flight sim about the pacific theatre)
because the project was getting way to big and it has too much potential for wasting it with a quick release.
(See youtube playlist: 
WotP was originally planned as a quick release to fund the development of WOTA)

So I'm back to the U-Boats again!

Announcing: "WOTA: Seehund Type XXVIIb" 
(a kind of special preview version of WOTA)

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